Custom Collection

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Custom Collection.
Product customization is a constant feature in each collection.

The wide range of applications, ample choice of materials, countless combinations of details and different finishing techniques, combined with the professionalism of the network of SigeGold craftsmen allow for the creation of fully customized doors and furniture. Over time this has yielded countless unique models in custom finishes and sizes. This collection represents the essence of an extreme custom service that is capable of creating unique products on each and every occasion in response to a specific, unique need. It is a collection in progress, which is regularly updated with new articles and special projects, customized according to the various residences that will accommodate them. The Custom collection relates the true essence Sige Gold and demonstrates how customization services can completely modify any model, thanks to the use of individual manufacturing techniques. The woodcarving and inlaying phases are performed entirely by company craftsmen who can create motifs based around different projects, thus customizing each door and creating different finishes depending on the style of the whole room. The projects included in the gallery are the result of experimentation with mixing the different processes used in the Sige Gold collections, changing details and finishes so that they are functional to the specific project developed for the customer. In other words, a Custom door or piece of furniture is the result of the company's experience and the know-how it has gained from its other collections, as well as its ability to give personal attention to each step from design to installation.