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SigeGold's classical style becomes lighter as Goldie doors apply Florentine craftsmanship to models with contemporary design and elegant details and decorations.

Pastel colours, lacquering on the doors and profiles, glossy casings and frames in gold or silver leaf are some of the features of this line of many nuances. The colour palette of carefully selected hues reveals Goldie's true innovation: on the one hand pastel tones bring to life a fairy-tale world, and on the other hand the use of matte lacquers recalls SigeGold's typical refined and exclusive look. Each finish is achieved by a complex series of as many as ten coats of lacquer applied by hand which, when overlapped, provide a striking effect of soft, yet bright colours. The surfaces of Goldie doors are reminiscent of porcelain and are enhanced by the way they combine with the frames that are hand-finished with textured lacquering in order to give them a more pronounced material effect. The collection is rounded out by more traditional models, which enhance the effects of the burls by means of a special shiny finish, and the hues of the woods used, mainly ash and walnut. The finishes of the Goldie doors are created using the same process as those of the Glam doors. This long series of steps produces the opaque and brilliant tones that characterize the collection. The whole process is performed entirely by hand, with the obligatory waiting times and results that cannot be replicated any other way.