Precious furniture and furnishing, in which the carvings are embellished with decorations in gold and silver leaf, from matt finishes and shapes that refer to different styles but share the same, exclusive elegance.

The natural culmination of SigeGold creative force. La Suite, is a collection of furniture and furnishings created according to the company’s philosophy; the line includes tables, consoles, chairs, sofas and other furnishings that are immediately distinguished by their unique style and attention to every detail. The decorations (gold and silver leaf) and lengthy painting, lacquering and coating processes are the same as those performed on the doors. The woodcarving is, however, even more complex, requiring long hours of work that is necessary to achieve the results displayed in the collection. Even in this case, each piece can be customized in different colours, sizes and finishes, as with all of SigeGold creations.