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Our Consultancy Service is designed for professionals looking for a partner able to take on the design and construction of doors and wood furnishings. This consulting service enables professionals to rely on an experienced company that is accustomed to handling major projects.

Our Consultancy Service is designed specifically for architects, designers and interior designers looking for a company capable of offering specific advice and making every element of a fully customized interior. SigeGold's Research Centre, through its time-tested abilities and on-going studies, provides specialty consultancy services for doors, traditional looks, trends and finishes, completing the overall design of a room with door models or furniture additions made according to the specific needs of designers.

SigeGold's researchers examine the characteristics of the existing perspective and evaluate which structures, materials, colours and finishes are the most appropriate for attaining doors perfectly coordinated with the environment in which they will be placed. Our Consultancy Service is also aimed at designers who have a rough idea for the style of an interior. Coordination with the Research Centre offers professionals the opportunity to see complete, existing door models for their ideas, or to create new, fully customized examples.