100% Made in Italy 100% Made in Italy

The 100% Made in Italy Certificate ensures that every SigeGold item is produced using top quality materials and manufactured entirely in Italy. It is a further guarantee of the level of quality and respect for the manufacturing techniques traditionally employed in Tuscany. 

SigeGold is a 100% Made in Italy certified company, guaranteeing the Italian origin and quality of its products. The certification, issued by the Istituto per la Tutela dei Produttori Italiani (Institute for the Protection of Italian Manufacturers), certifies that every SigeGold product is made entirely in Italy. The certificate is a guarantee for customers and a protection against possible imitations.
The 100% Made in Italy Certificate guarantees, in particular, that every door, cabinet or piece of furniture produced by SigeGold is manufactured in Italy, using components produced exclusively in Italy, exclusively according to the company's designs and drawings. Moreover, the certificate ensures that all materials selected for use are top quality and all-natural, and that the manufacturing techniques employed are those traditionally found in Italian craftsmanship.