SigeGold Style SigeGold Style

SigeGold's style is based on three concepts: Made in Italy, product research, and expert craftsmanship. Each of these aspects complements the others, and helps to make each SigeGold designer collection unique. 

Each SigeGold collection is an independent creation that is nevertheless part of a work process that is always the same: careful selection of materials, expert craftsmanship and customization of each piece. This is SigeGold's style, an approach that takes all the individual steps of the creation process into account and pays attention to every detail. We believe that a door is much more than just an accessory and offers an opportunity to create a style, enhance an interior or highlight the particular characteristics of a setting; each door is therefore something that can be adapted and re-created from scratch, each time. This approach is made possible by our internal organization, which provides total control over every stage of production, so that each step can be customized according to the customer's expectations.