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The wood man

The selection of raw materials is one of SigeGold's secrets. Each creation comes into being through the careful and accurate selection of the most suitable types of wood to bring out the style of the collection. This process of finding, buying and combining different types of wood is an essential step involving several members of the company: from designers to craftsmen. But there is one person who coordinates this process and whose entire professional career has been dedicated to the study and the selection of wood. "Each model has a story behind it and requires a type of wood chosen according to the forms and aesthetic that the project intends to convey. That is why there is no single answer to the question that I am often asked: what wood most identifies SigeGold". 


But how is the wood chosen?

"The choice of a type of wood is never made by only one person. My job is to suggest types and combinations, but every person involved in the creation process - from designer to craftsman - is important to making the right choice. This is due to the fact that they were the ones who designed the project and will be working with the wood".                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

Are there any types of wood that you use frequently that characterize your collections?

 "Burls. Every SigeGold creation uses many burl layers of different types depending on the style and form of the piece. The burl is the most valuable part of a tree. It is the core, the part that supports it. This question can be answered, but it is more difficult to say what wood type best identifies the company: each is selected according to its function in the designer's project and the type of use that it will be put to". 


Where do you get the burls you use? 

"From all over the world, but mainly from exotic countries: South America mostly. The burls we use have to come from fast-growing trees, these are more pliable".


You used to work studying types of wood to use as packaging for large luxury item companies. What similarities and differences could you find with your work at Sige Gold?      

"Producing burl boxes for watches and jewellery is a job that requires a lot of expertise and knowledge of raw materials. These two aspects are also crucial at Sige Gold: luxury furniture and doors are creations that do not have flaws, just like high fashion clothing. But it's not just that: we are dealing with objects that are intended for every day, long term use, and so they have to remain aesthetically perfect over the years and resist stress as well. Everyone involved has a hand in achieving both objectives, from the designers to the craftsmen, but the most important thing is to begin with the perfect selection of raw materials".

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L’uomo delle essenze