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Glam doors are designed for refined and modern settings that break conventions. The line is composed of doors with a very wide range of finishes - semi-gloss and matte lacquer finishes, gold leaf, mirror inserts, oxidized effects - that stretch stylistic experimentation in new directions.

Glam combines charming doors whose surfaces produce an effect of reflections and contrasts, with traditional Tuscan models whose spatulated, stuccoed and floral decorations recall the work of artisans of the past. This is combined with the use of orderly geometric shapes to give the line a fine balance and render it modern, while retaining the evident influence of traditional craftsmanship.

The range of finishes

The doors of the Glam collection are distinguished by their complex finishing techniques. In addition to the basic colour choices are the lacquer and spatolate work, both performed through a complex sequence of actions, to yield two completely different effects.
lucidatura porta glam

The lacquers are created after an initial application of two black layers, in order to better display the subsequent colours. The application of a coat of paint (gold, silver or red) creates a pickled-finish that is then enhanced by an additional, transparent layer to ensure the correct gloss of the surfaces.

The final step is the application of a semi-coating (dark brown, coal black or China red), which is dried and then processed so that hints of the underlying colour can be seen.  A final, clear protective coat concludes the long process. The spatolate finishes on the other hand begin with an initial, insulating layer of paint to solidify the wood and make it uniform.  After this a second layer of brown paint is applied that will be barely visible through the subsequent layers. A white base  is used to perfect the stucco: this fundamental procedure gives the surface of the door a material and solid look. The edges are enhanced with a further coat of paint and all relief patterns are worked in gold or silver leaf, just as they were during the Renaissance. The final phase sees the application of a coat of beeswax, which highlights contrasts and imperfections, providing a warm and charming sheen.


The collection is based on two different door models: X is the range for those who prefer simplicity, whereas L is right for those looking for more elaborate forms. The two models also feature precious detailing, and gold or silver frames, achieved by means of the same technique used in Tuscany since the days of the Medici.

    I modelli L e X