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Gilding is one of the oldest and most complex processes in the entire manufacturing process. The technique of applying gold leaf, used widely by artists and artisans during the Renaissance, is still performed today as it was in Florence in the 15th century. The Classic, Suite and Boiserie lines display some of the best examples of this application, used in the frames and the decorative elements. The gold-leaf process has remained unchanged for centuries: 22-carat gold-leaf is still applied by hand to a thin layer of natural glue (egg whites were used at one time). The process is difficult, given the delicacy of the laminas; only marten brushes are capable of spreading the material without damaging it.


The leaf application is now carried out solely by expert decorators who have been doing this work for years. It takes a long time to make but the end result is unique, and unlike any other. The gilding is full-bodied, brilliant, and natural. Its surfaces display reflections and colour differences that enhance its charm and truly make each item different from any other. 

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La foglia oro