Luxury door and boiserie design for stylish homes

Based on three concepts - Made in Italy, product study and craftsmanship.



A new road is open to those who wish to enjoy the luxury of a house bearing the SigeGold name. If doors are no longer enough to express the know-how and creativity of wood-working artists, then something new is in order.

Siege Gold is

an ideal supplier for architects and interior designers.

SigeGold is a modern enterprise capable of caring for every aspect of a room, from the wooden floors to the furnishings, serving as the ideal supplier for architects and interior designers or, upon request, as a true global partner, providing consultancy services, as well as the design and production of doors, furniture and furnishings. Our internal organization makes use of operational standards that ensure traceability of processes and timely completion, while the secret behind our high quality products is a network of Tuscan craftsmen, coordinated by the company, who still employ the same techniques used in Florence during the Renaissance These choices produce a range of collections and customized projects with complete attention to detail and continual stylistic experimentation, all manufactured exclusively in Italy.  This process ensures the best results in terms of style and quality.

SigeGold creates doors and furniture that are certified as Made in Italy. The company’s headquarters is located just outside the Chianti region, between Florence and Siena, and is the coordination hub for a network of craftsmen spread throughout Tuscany. Begun in the 1960s as a manufacturer of windows and doors, the company has grown to become one of the most important companies in Italy. The twenty-first century has seen a new line of doors – SigeGold Classic – receive great acclaim both in Italy and abroad, thanks to a blend of design experimentation and absolute attention to detail. Today the company is a preferred partner among architects and interior designers looking for a company capable of customizing all the furnishings of a room. SigeGold has long been the undisputed leader in the production of designer doors, with six collections including doors and furniture, and each year this portfolio continues to grow with new creations and projects designed according to the specific needs of individual clients.

Modern enterprise that designs and produces


Made in Italy, product research, and expert craftsmanship. Each of these aspects complements the others, and helps to make each SigeGold designer collection unique.

Each SigeGold collection is an independent creation that is nevertheless part of a work process that is always the same: careful selection of materials, expert craftsmanship and customization of each piece. This is SigeGold’s style, an approach that takes all the individual steps of the creation process into account and pays attention to every detail. We believe that a door is much more than just an accessory and offers an opportunity to create a style, enhance an interior or highlight the particular characteristics of a setting; each door is therefore something that can be adapted and re-created from scratch, each time. This approach is made possible by our internal organization, which provides total control over every stage of production, so that each step can be customized according to the customer’s expectations. 


The 100% Made in Italy Certificate ensures that every SigeGold item is produced using top quality materials and manufactured entirely in Italy. 

SigeGold is a 100% Made in Italy certified company, guaranteeing the Italian origin and quality of its products. The certification, issued by the Istituto per la Tutela dei Produttori Italiani (Institute for the Protection of Italian Manufacturers), certifies that every SigeGold product is made entirely in Italy. The certificate is a guarantee for customers and a protection against possible imitations.
The 100% Made in Italy Certificate guarantees, in particular, that every door, cabinet or piece of furniture produced by SigeGold is manufactured in Italy, using components produced exclusively in Italy, exclusively according to the company’s designs and drawings. Moreover, the certificate ensures that all materials selected for use are top quality and all-natural, and that the manufacturing techniques employed are those traditionally found in Italian craftsmanship.


sige gold newspaper

SigeGold: the gold door factory

It was 2011 and the production of luxury doors and finishes, which SigeGold is known for, reached very high levels, establishing the company in the Caucasian market. Remarkable growth that happened in those years made the company soar the scale of the economy based on Made in Italy. The strengths? Know-how, high-quality workmanship, attention to detail and constant research. As underlined in the article in “La Repubblica” (Friday, 8 July 2011), SigeGold managed to intercept the market targeting the “rich of the East” and passed from production of window frames to design and creation of doors, windows and luxury finishes.